Network One Solutions

About Us

Network One Solutions is a full service telecommunications consulting firm with representatives located throughout the United States. In the business since 1998, Network One provides a wide range of telecommunications solutions from voice to data to wireless services. Network One is a member of the UPSTACK family of companies.

Network One is a leader in the industry, providing consultative services to thousands of businesses from coast to coast. Providing a single point of contact for all telecommunications needs, Network One will intercede on your company’s behalf on all hardware, local, long distance, wireless, and data concerns.

We Shop So You Don’t Have To

Our company slogan, “We Shop So You Don’t Have To” refers to our unique ability to shop and offer a wide range of products and services from a variety of local, long distance, and wireless providers.

Network One has established relationships with such industry leaders as, AT&T, Telepacific, Level 3, Airespring, Windstream, QWEST, Sprint, Cox, Cbeyond, XO, Time Warner, Comcast, Charter, and Verizon to name a few. Our cellular relationships are with AT&T, Verizon Wireless, and Sprint/Nextel. Network One solutions is not a network, shared service provider, or reseller. We can objectively recommend services that best meet the needs of our clients without any ties to a particular company.

Network One has a long-standing reputation for premiere customer service and support. We pride ourselves in our ability to maintain a proactive, rather than reactive level of service with our valued clients. Since businesses and institutions today invest a substantial portion of their time and revenues on telecommunications, having Network One Solutions on your staff, but not on your payroll will yield enormous returns.

We believe that this unique alignment of objectives will produce long term relationships between client and consultant, an unusual occurrence in an industry where users frequently establish new relationships on a regular basis.

Why Network One?

Network One provides organizations with a service that saves them time, confusion, and ultimately money. Our clients enjoy the convenience and efficiency of having one place to find information, advice, pricing and cost comparisons on many different phone companies and internet providers. We are also financially motivated to keep our clients happy, long-term. Our customers look to us for expertise, information, and incredible service. We try to deliver on these expectations every time.

We save time. Your time is money. Spend less time on telecommunications and more on your business and making money. Dealing with the task of trying to research technology options, get quotes and compare each individual service provider for your business’ telecommunications services, will take a significant amount of your time. Network One will sit with you, find out what your business is currently doing and plan for what you are looking to accomplish in the near future by putting the proper solution in front of you. Based on your needs, we will bring you free quotes on multiple options from the best commercial service providers available, offering voice telephony and data services throughout the country. You end up with better insight, more options, and lower pricing in less time.

Get the best price. When utilizing NETWORK ONE’s services, your business is getting the same or better pricing, rate plan and promotions from carriers and Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) that you would have received by calling each carrier on your own except you didn’t have to take the time to do it on your own. As an additional benefit, NETWORK ONE’s familiarity with each carriers’ pricing and our expertise in negotiating telecom agreements often results in your business receiving a lower price than if you had shopped on your own.

Receive better customer service. Again, time is money. The faster your customer service items get resolved, the more time your company has to focus on other aspects of your business. The phone carriers know that the type of experience we encounter with them will determine whether we recommend their company to future clients. Therefore, our clients often receive preferential treatment by the service provider of their choice.

Gain a long-term technical partner.

NETWORK ONE is committed and financially motivated to help your company increase profit today and on an ongoing basis. A sales representative’s commission structure typically has a direct effect on his/her behavior.

Telecommunication companies’ direct sales reps are paid a base salary, benefits, and a one-time commission for signing up your company with their provider. On the contrary, NETWORK ONE is paid a small monthly residual commission from your chosen service provider. As a result, we are paid to maintain the long-term satisfaction of your service or we will not make any money. We help your company increase revenue, beat your competition by taking advantage of the latest innovations in telecommunications technology, and stay informed. We will always do our best to help you before signing up with a provider, during your installation, after installation and upon expiration of your agreement with your chosen provider(s).

We provide one dedicated account contact to multiple providers. Businesses with the need for more than one phone service and/or internet provider find NETWORK ONE’s free services extremely beneficial. With NETWORK ONE, these businesses can use multiple providers for their overall solution yet still only have one contact to manage all services from all carriers. Managing your telecommunication is faster and easier than ever, which will maximize your time and therefore, save your company money.

Network One Solutions is now a member of the UPSTACK family of companies. Learn more