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Network One Solutions is a Top Level Carrier Master Agent. We have the experience, support and knowledge that will empower you to fulfill your customers needs now and in the future.







  • How much demand exists
  • Why do customers make purchases
  • Competitive landscape
  • Targeted Market Segments
  • Your role as an Agent
  • How partnering with us impacts your current business



  • The vital components in each market segment
  • Responsible parties for each component
  • How to create a competitive and compelling solution
  • Partner economics and expectations


Our program is great for

The Experienced Agent

Are you already the single point of contact for your customer regarding telecommunications and more?

An Experienced Agent serves as a valuable middle-man with full knowledge of the customer.

Without you, the customer could otherwise be lost.

Do you have Voice/Data/Network/Cloud Experience?

We dont use the term “Experienced Agent” loosely.

An absolute minimum requirement, is your ability to to sift through the minimized weaknesses and highlighted strengths most carriers “market” to deliver what is best for the customer.

Interest in making a sale should take a back seat to customer service.

Finally, your customers’ future growth and expansion needs are considered when conducting the initial assessment.

Selecting the wrong carrier can seriously hinder a customers growth potential and become very expensive for all parties.

If you agree with everything we’ve said here, you might be a fit.

Take the first step and contact us today.

Value Added Reseller

We can help undercover other opportunities just by saving the customer money on their current spending.

Often, a customer will reallocate their budget to Capital Expense purchases based on funds previously only available as an Operating Expense.

On average, we save customers 30% a month! Amortize that over 3 years and you can see where the numbers begin to add up.

We can help you with this by:

  • Bill Consolidation
  • Telecom Audit & Review
  • Needs Discovery
  • More…

You can’t rely on the invoices alone. There are many things that add up including errors that are in the customers favor.

If you are in charge of the Phone System, Local Area Network, Computer Systems, or any other crucial components, take the first step and contact us today.

Referral Partner

If you prefer to remain carrier agnostic and would rather hand off an opportunity this program is for you.

Once we have your customers contact name, address, email and preferably a copy of their current telecommunications bills, we take it from there.

We then schedule a discover appointment with your referral to understand their business.

We keep you in the loop on all developments.

We discuss in detail, services available, costs, expansion needs and more.

We have an outstanding happy customer ratio and our customers continue to use our services for an average of 7+ years.

Leverage the power of Network One Solutions and share the benefits and savings with your contacts.

Get started by contacting us today.

Our Capabilities


No volume commitments or quotas
No Exclusivity
An Evergreen Clause



We believe in TEAM work and reward for performance.
Together Everyone Acheives More.
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What our clients say about us

  • Michael is a real pleasure to work with. He gets the job done point blank! He is always in good spirits when we talk and always willing to help and go the extra mile if needed. We have used Network One Solutions services on more than one occasion. David F | Director Of IT and Telecom Services
  • Michael, You're the man!! Everything went well on Friday with the install. Your contact info is permanently etched into my outlook. And thank you again for hustling to get us service!! Trent | Residential Bancorp
  • Dear Michael, I just want to extend my sincere gratitude and thanks to you and your company, your staff was a key part for my company to continue doing business during our transition. With out your help we would still be stuck and trying to resove all the issues our former telephone company first created. Service is key for my business or any business to successed, so I commend you and your company for having a high level of service with your clients. I am sure that we will continue our business relationship for years to come as we enjoy working with good, honest and ethical person, which are rare now a days.. Thank you again, and we will recommend Networkone solutions services to all of our contacts. Shawn Leon | Honeybee International, Inc.
  • Dear Mike, I thought I would send you a letter and let you know that we now have done 4 of my locations on the VOIP. I'm totally satisfied with the service that Network One has provided me. You and your company have been very professional throughout all the processes necessary to get things switched over and up and running for me. If I need anything in the future I'll be calling you and your company to take a look at what can be done to provide me with the best possible solution for the situation that presents itself. I was also pleased with your working relationship with the other vendors that were needed to complete all the different phases of the project. Daniel R. Jones | IT Manager | Expedited Packages, LLCs
  • Michael Stevens and Network One Solutions have always had my back in dealing with the telephone companies. We at JAM Entertainment & Events have been with Network One Solutions for over 10 years. They are just and fair. They get the job done quicker and more efficiently because they ARE the middleman and once you tell them what the problem is they get into it with the right person on the right level which saves you so much time and aggravation. That way you can keep on with the work at hand and in the mean time your problem is being solved. You are in good hands with Michael. Dennis Morrison | JAM Entertainment & Events
  • I wanted to write to thank you for your great customer service. I was able to get great prices on my phone and data services. Network One was able to reduce our expenses by 35%. What more could you ask for? Elizabeth Courtney | Vice President Beacon Security| Anaheim, Ca

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